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Hungary is a wine drinking, wine making nation which has a huge history in wine production since Roman times when the armies of the ancient empire planted vine in the valleys of Danube. After the collapse of the Roman empire wine making remained part of the region when Árpád, the first Hungarian leader upon the nations arrival to the heart of Europe in 896, rewarded his followers with vineyards in today’s Tokaj region.

The 16th century saw came to existence the full-bodied red Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) and the sweet dessert wine Tokaji Aszú which are the most famous Hungarian wine varieties. Other interesting fact is that Hungary could also claim the world’s first ever vineyard classification in Tokaj (1730).

Thanks to Hungary’s natural gifts the winemakers in the country are able to produce domestic and international wine varieties on a very high level. The unique terroir, the mineral rich soil and the warmth of the Hungarian summer sun all create a flavor that is reflecting in every glass of wine bottled in Hungary. In a sip of Hungarian vino one can taste the experience of wine making, that was collected over generations of artisan wine production in the past centuries, and the creativity of new age winemakers.

Wine drinking isn’t just a consumption of alcoholic beverage, it’s a passion. Everybody, who has ever tasted the miracle of different flavors in a shiny glass of wine can appreciate the simplicity of young and the complexity of aged Hungarian wines. Hungary’s 22 wine regions provide wine connoisseurs and beginner wine lovers with just as many characteristics of grape varieties and even more flavor combinations.

Our mission at Vinoteka is to introduce the beauty of Hungarian wines outside of our country’s borders and acquaint more and more people with our wonderfully tasteful and unique wines. Our company exports wine to international markets linking producers in Hungary’s over twenty wine regions and buyers from all over the world. We are offering wide range of wine and grape varieties from producers and wine regions keeping in view the special requests of our customers.

We are providing to our customers an end-to-end service tailored to their expectations and needs regarding quantity and infrastructural details.

Hungarian breed
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Hungarian breed

Wine Types

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White Wines

Sauvignon blanc
Italian Risling
Rhein Risling
Green Veltelini
Müller Thurgau
Muscat Ottonel

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Linden Leaf
Grape Girl
Little Princess
Irsai Olivér
Cserszegi Fűszeres
Sheep tale


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Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet franc
Pinot noir